Saturday, August 22, 2009

Would You Follow Me?

Dear Reader,

In an effort to build my audience (seemingly self serving, but read on) please sign up to follow my blog. Much of what I set out to do here is to bring these stories and thoughts to a broader audience. I am interested in finding ways to open the debate with those who support LGBT equality as well as those who currently oppose LGBT rights. Though adding my perspectives to the struggles and victories towards LGBT equality is something I hope inspires others, it is vital to keep exposing more and more people of varying viewpoints to the content posted here.

To follow my blog, please just sign up to the right.

Thank you for support and help to Minimize the Margins.

Alan L. Bounville


  1. So far so good. Keep up the writing.

    I have been trying to keep up on your blog.

    I just voted in your poll. What do I win if there are more straights than gays that vote here?

  2. Thanks. Ha! If you win - you're more witty than me. What do you think your prize should be?